English Grammar, Second Year Classes & Topics

Answers Exercise No.39

InfinitiveVerbs  and Gerunds :Exercise 42

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by using the correct form of participles.

1.   Opening the door, he found his parents waiting.

2.   In Keats we have reference to windows charmed with magic.( charm)

3.   We saw the moon shining brightly in the sky.(shine)

4.   Seeing her mother off, Dithi came home.(see)

5.   Having duped,she did not fall into the trap again.(be)

6.   Having left the car on the road, whey wandered into the dense forest. (leave)

7.   It being a very hot day, children did not come out to play.(be)

8.   We always find her beaming with smile.(beam)

9.   Having fed the cow, she milked her. (feed)

10.                      Wefound her watering the plants in her garden.(water)